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The film is a good blend of horror, mystery, suspense. Mukesh is outstanding in the comedy scenes and Geetu Mohandas, the promising star's performance was excellent. The story is set in the 'Suryamangalam mana' an ancient Brahminical house. Once upon a time Brahmadathan Namboothiripad a famous astrologer, magician and faith healer used to live there...




Meloor is a hilly village where a lot of settlers live. Appunni (Kalabhavan Mani) is a blacksmith who has a history of periodic bouts of mental depression during which he is chained and sent to an ayurvedic asylum. After a few weeks of treatment he gets back to normal life and is the sole breadwinner of the house. His mother Kuttiamma (KPAC Lalitha) and uncle's daughter Devoo (Geetu Mohandas) are his biggest pillars of strength...




T.K.Rajeev Kumar's film Ivar is based on underworld dons. The story is all about underworld, goons and the mafia. Ivar attempts to portray the lives of those who belong to the underworld gangs....




One of the most respected directors in Malayalam cinema today, Ranjit, credited with creating a larger-than-life image for Mohanlal, has time and again proved that he can pull it off if he teams up with the megastar - as a writer or a writer-director. The story begins when Srihari (Mohanlal) returns to his native place from a self-imposed, six-year exile in Paris where he has also served a one-year jail term for a crime he did not commit....




The story of `Lanka', takes place in Sri Lanka and it has political overtones. It's not local politics, but the international kind, he stresses. The Indian Peace Keeping Force, the strife in Sri Lanka, and how a naval marine commando is involved in the storyline lends it novelty. It's politics and love in the time of war....




Kargil. The awesomely beautiful place between Srinagar and Leh by the bank of the river Surat is also the most strategic army area of India. This vital area between mountains unreachable to the common man is where Damor Cinema has shot their latest venture, Kurukshetra. The Kargil war and the related human relations have been very touchingly portrayed in Kurukshetra.....


Mohili Gaav


"After Love, Power is the only source of happiness", it is said. Physical power and money power makes one happy and contended but the happiness hidden in the innocence of the mind and simplicity of life are those that can never be expressed; it can only be felt within. "Mohili Gaav" is all about the power of innocence that is possessed by only those humans who are closer to God... Children! ....


April Fool


'April Fool' is a roller coaster ride of entertainment and heavily depends on comedy to keep things going.


Oru Naal Varum



Nandhakumar, an honest police officer, lays a trap to capture Gopi Krishnan, a corrupt town planner. Though his attempts fail, Nandhakumar is not ready to give up.




Menon, an efficient police officer, works for the welfare of the people in the society. He sets out to bring a dreaded don, Rajan Pilla, to justice.




Sanjay, a young man, drives down to surprise his fiancee, who is displeased with his unannounced visit. However, when the lockdown is suddenly announced, he gets stuck and learns about her true self.

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