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Damor Cinema

  • Damor Cinema, based in India, is an established producer of original, creative commercial films. Established in the year 2003, Damor Cinema helps valued professional and enterprising clients to manage the delivery and presentation of their film ventures in the required format within the prescribed time-frames. At Damor Cinema, we ardently listen to yourneeds, and produce quality products that work for you, based on our experience. Every member associated with Damor Cinema has proven abilities in their respective areas of expertise. Our prompt and efficient crews, the very communi- cative cinematographers and camera operators, the ambitious and passionately professional writers, designers and directors, all make Damor Cinema the ideal choice for a successful film venture. Irrespective of how big or small your project is, all of our clients receive preferential treatment. We are always there for you, to come out with great productions. Get in touch with us to create some wonderful films

Upcoming Movies

Earlier Attacttions

  • Pakalppooram
    Anil Babu
    A K Sajan
    Biju Bhaskar Nair
  • Chandrolsavam
    Major Ravi
    Anil Babu
  • Ivar
    TK Rajeev Kumar
    April Fool
    Viji Thampi
    Mohili Gaav
    Major Ravi
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